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The ship that creates lasting foundations for growth in professional atmospheres that feel safe.


The ship that provides resources and supportive relationships for professionals to grow at every level.


The ship that makes space for people who aren't in the room, but have huge potential.


The ship that creates peer support where we help each other and rise together, because a rising tide lifts all ships.


The ship that establishes helpful systems for teammates and encourages them to shine while maintaining a healthy work/life balance.


The ship that realizes we can create better opportunities for each other when we invest effort into supporting under-recognized individuals and groups.

Momentum Moving Forward

At She Has Infinite Potential (SHIP), we originally started this journey together to help women in tech space find support and encouragement so that they could stay innovating, instead of getting burned out by a lack of understanding and support and saying goodbye to using their STEM skills forever.

Before we created a collective goal and started working together, a lot of us felt alone in our professional journeys. It seemed difficult to meet other professional women who would cheer us on or give us advice based on actual experience.

As we prepared for our first event, we learned how powerful our support for each other could be, and we knew we were onto something special.

We were successfully able to put on not one, but two helpful panels at the Women in Tech Global conference in 2023 as our first official act of SHIP, and we knew that we wanted to help other women even more.

The dynamic force for good we felt we were creating together was unlike anything any of us had experienced before. That’s when we shifted SHIP’s mission from being a speaking panel to creating entire summits and workshops to change the professional culture for women all over the world.

Now, we help professional women, and men in underrecognized groups, understand how to navigate the waters of the business world, knowing that they have the resources that SHIP provides to help them clearly communicate their professional needs without alienating their higher ups or clients.

At SHIP, we know that professional women, and men in underrecognized groups, are facing obstacles unique to their professional environments that can create difficulties when it comes to mentorship, sponsorship, allyship, and support.

That’s why our group is full of experts who know how to help both individuals and organizations work through these hurdles based on the results of cutting-edge research. It is our honor to help those attending our events or workshops understand what tools they have that will assist them in gaining and keeping momentum moving forward.

Whether you or your organization wants to create better paths for mentorship and sponsorship within your team or establish clearer boundaries with your clients, we can help you feel equipped to avoid burnout and gain all of the creative and relational benefits that come from having amazing professional individuals who feels supported.

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Help your attendees get the motivation, guidance, and support the need to see the potential they have realized.

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