She Has Infinite Potential—

Our Origin Story

Put Several Determined, Expert Women Into One Room and Amazing

Things Will Come To Light.

Share A Common Vision

The members of SHIP saw a need for increased support around women in tech.

Build The Future

They decided to do something about this need by combining their own lived experiences, their areas expertise, and their passion for public speaking.


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The Beginning Of Something Special

One day, Malia Lym, a corporate trainer and speaker with an engineering background, was thinking about how she could be more proactive in her career as a professional speaker. As a member of Innovation Women, created and run by Bobbie Carlton, Malia thought about how Bobbie often encourages its members to create their own path for speaking success.

So, Malia decided to go for it. She reached out at an Innovation Women meeting asking if anyone would be interested in creating a panel that would specifically serve women in technology. It was her vision to create a diverse panel that could share their lived experiences and knowledge with other women who needed support.

After the very first meeting of interested panelists, they all realized something special was happening. Put 9 determined women who are experts in their individual fields into one room (digitally in this case) and amazing things will come to light.

A few weeks later, co-founder Anne Ryan was inspired by the dynamic panel and thought up an acronym and name that wholly symbolized the mission of their foundling organization: She Has Infinite Potential (SHIP). Since there was so much conversation around relationship, leadership, fellowship, mentorship, sponsorship, and allyship, everyone agreed the name was a perfect fit and SHIP was born.

SHIP’s other co-founder, Kristin Spencer brought her storytelling and tech resourcefulness in full force to help the group of applicants find one strong voice.

In a short time, the 9 women rallied together to produce a 5-Day Digital Summit. After forming powerful presentation pairs, each group decided on what topics to share and everyone got to work.

Then, in just one day, the panel created its LinkedIn page and the group was able to find 150 followers. The momentum of this panel started on an undeniable high.

Panelists started getting comments during their inaugural 5-day summit and messages from women tuning in from all over the United States and Canada. All of them centered on how the panel’s discussions were encouraging these attendees to go for their dreams. That’s when SHIP knew their goals were being realized.

Are you looking for a fun group of expert panelists who have real-world experience on how to shape the future of women in the tech industry? Contact SHIP today!

Resident Panelists

Malia Lym

Malia Lym is a retired oil and gas engineering specialist. Founder and CEO of Savvy LeadHER, corporations hire her to provide women- focused professional development training and workshops. Savvy LeadHER women learn to navigate male dominate workplaces as a woman so they advance further, faster and stay longer.

Kristine Beese

As the founder of Untangle Money, Kristine Beese helps women feel joyful in their spending and confident in knowing what they need to be investing. As she strives to understand women who feel unwelcome in the financial industry, she is learning how small signals can make entire communities feel excluded.

Kirsten Rourke

Kirsten Rourke founder and CEO of Rourke Training, LLC, is on a mission to create engaging communication in presentation and speaking spaces. She works with leaders to transform educational, sales, and corporate events to meet business and learning goals.In addition to being a Certified Technical Trainer and Certified Online Training Professional, she also has a Master’s of Education in Instructional Design.

Dr. Farzana Chohan

Dr. Farzana Chohan is a leader with lived experiences with a transformation purpose to create inclusion and belonging for women in male-work environments like engineering, science,  technology and more. Dr. Farzana is a founder and CEO of an advocacy platform, helping corporations through strategic consulting, coaching and speaking engagements to "create a culture of workplace belonging" with a focus on women. She has professional working experience as an healthcare architect on two very different continents.

Anne Irene Ryan

Anne Irene Ryan is the Founder & Chief Career Coach at Anne Ryan Consulting, LLC.  She loves speaking to students and professionals about how crafting a great professional brand, resume, and LinkedIn profile leads to infinite career possibilities.  She works 1:1 with clients and facilitates workshops for colleges, professional organizations, and nonprofits.

Nmadinobi Chloé Nwangwu

N. Chloé Nwangwu is a brand scientist who consults, researches, and speaks on the relationship between brands, bias, and influence to equip leaders to build legacies tackling the world's most pressing social injuries.

Stephani Britt

Stephani Britt, the Step It Up Coach, is a SIU Consulting Group Executive and Professional Life Coach. She helps organizations to create a Safe Space, Work Place as she champions diversity, equity, and inclusion. Stephani is an experienced professional with proven track records consisting of on-time project completion, exceptional customer satisfaction, administrative coordination, and demonstrated leadership in both small and large group settings.

Kristin Spencer

Kristin Spencer is a bestselling author, ghostwriter, copywriter, and founder of the business writing firm Literary Symmetry. She helps business owners by writing their stories for them (in their voice), refining their offers, and building the foundation of consistency they need before they can make visibility count. It is her professional passion to make the world better one story at a time.

Previous Panelists

Our organization has had the privilege of working with amazing women throughout its history. Here is a list of previous panelists who have contributed to events and written articles for She Has Infinite Potential.

Nancy Burger is a communications strategist and coach who guides companies to foster emotionally healthy cultures. Weaving together 10+ years in communications expertise and research in psychology and neuroscience, Nancy works with executives and teams across many industries to elevate workplace connections. She also delivers workshops and talks to universities, leadership organizations, and networking groups, all with the aim of cultivating clear, effective, and productive communication dynamics.

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