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Women’s History

Written by a Shipmate on March 9, 2023

“Mary Parker Follett, was the 'Mother of Management,' the very modern world of human- centered management. She was a pioneering management theorist whose ideas continue to have practical impact today and continues to influence modern management practices.” Dr. Chris’s statement surprised almost everyone who were listening to his lecture in their organizational leadership and management …

Mary Parker Follett—Modern Trailblazer of the Modern Management World Read More »

Written by a Shipmate on March 9, 2023

Women are incredible investors. In fact, research shows that women outperform men when it comes to investment returns per unit of risk (this means that women do a better job investing than men when you account for the amount of risk they are taking with the investment). Interestingly, this holds true for retail investors (non-professionals) …

A Quick Look at Women and Investing Read More »

Written by a Shipmate on March 1, 2023

As a Black woman engineer, I know firsthand how important representation is in the field of STEM. When I was a young engineer, I did not see many women who looked like me in the field, which made it difficult for me to envision myself in that space. In the absence of a role model, …

Tracee Ellis Ross: A Beacon of Light for Women of Color in STEM Read More »

Amelia Earhart

Written by a Shipmate on February 28, 2023

In her short life and even shorter career, Amelia Earhart managed to open doors not just for women in aviation but for women and girls everywhere. A record-setting pioneer, Earhart was able to ignore the naysayers and claim her spot as one of the most decorated pilots of her time. While the mystery surrounding her …

Amelia Earhart—A Pioneer for Women Everywhere Read More »

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