How to Take Ownership of Your Voice, Mistakes, Money, Time, and Ultimately Your Career

A 1-Day Workshop Designed to Equip You to Advocate for Yourself Without Feeling Drained, Dejected, or Discouraged

It's Time to Take OwnerSHIP for Real Change

If you have areas in your life where you want to claim OwnerSHIP so that you can prioritize understanding and getting what you really want, the Savvy OwnerSHIP Summit (SOS) 1-Day Event is for you!

In this event, you’ll learn from 8 professional experts who know from real-world experience how to help you take ownership of your voice, mistakes and failures, time, money, and your career (whether you work for yourself or someone else).

Because life is too short and professional women already have enough to think about on their own.

Are you ready for big, fast opportunities to take real OwnerSHIP in your life and work? This event will give you the answers you need to make this dream a reality, and so much more!

And without the pain associated with having to do it all on your own. The women at She Has Infinite Potential (SHIP) are here to help because we’ve been there. And our expert team of epic and knowledgeable women is here to support you so you don’t have to face the struggles of personal and professional OwnerSHIP alone.


What People Say

"SHIP put together a brilliant session for the Women in Tech Global Conference 2023—thank you for your insights, inspiration, and energy ✨️!"


Women in Tech Global Conference Attendee

“[Today’s SHIP] event truly showed me a different perspective on how important it is to not stay trapped in society’s norms. It is also important for us as women to acknowledge our accomplishments; it is okay.”

-Kelicia Johnson

SHIP LinkedIn Live Attendee

Take Clearer OwnerSHIP of Your Life Without Struggling to Do Better By Sheer Will

What If You Could Find the Support You Need to Live the Life You Want With Expert Advice and Real Talk Around Your Life as a Professional Woman?

There is so much advice out there about who women should be and what they should do. In fact, there’s simply too much advice for any woman to be able to take practical action and own her life by trying to follow it all. And the truth is, a lot of this advice out there is coming from professional men instead of other professional women.

Are you sick of it? Do you want a better way to balance your life while maintaining your empathy, emotional health, and work/life balance?

In this 1-Day Savvy OwnerSHIP Summit, the women of She Has Infinite Potential (SHIP), professional women and experts in our own rights, will give you practical steps you can take to make OwnerSHIP a clear priority in your life so that you can actually live life on your terms while going after the dreams you yourself really want.

We will never tell you what you should be doing. Instead, we’re going to share from our professional experience what has worked for us, and give you options for how you can adapt these methods to your own unique situation.

If you feel discouraged because you just can’t find information that actually fits your complex life, it’s not your fault. There’s too much bad advice out there, and our goal is to change that.

Plus, before the 1-Day Summit, you’ll be able to submit questions ahead of time for our SHIPmates to choose from so that we can add the audience's real needs into our different discussions.

And if you join our VIP crew, you’ll be able to talk with several of the SHIPmates directly before the event in the VIP lounge, and also the next day during the digital VIP brunch. (And most of our group coaching sessions start at $1,500 individually, so you’re getting a ton of value for one amazing low price.)

Yes, There’s A Better Way!

You Can Spend Just 1 Day Concentrating On 5 Areas That Can Literally Change Your Life—All With Practical Action Steps You’ve Been Looking For

We’re inviting you to dream with us…

What If There Was A Real Way to Address the Pain and Frustration You Face on a Regular Basis as a Professional Woman?

It’s Time to Break Out of the Destructive Mental Cycle You Find Yourself In By

Taking Better OwnerSHIP

Maybe this story looks a little too familiar:

Every day, you wake up, trying to feel fresh and excited for the amazing way you know you can contribute to the world.

Your ideas and methods are based on real world experience, and you know they can make a difference in your professional realm.

But when you talk to people about your ideas, they don’t take you seriously or dismiss the value you bring. No one tries to use what you’re teaching so they never see the results you could get them if they listened.

You end up feeling discouraged and exhausted. Your confidence is blown. And that lack of confidence bleeds into the other areas of your life outside of work.

You start to feel like a failure at work and at home, but you don’t know what to do to finally get things to change.

You decide the only thing left to do is to will yourself to think optimistically, and do minimal self-care so that you can continue to function while deciding to bring your next amazing idea before your peers, managers, or clients.

And the cycle starts over again. Only each time you go through it, you feel worse than the last time, and you know burnout is coming for you, and soon.

But there’s a way to stop this cycle and start embracing your professional superpowers: It’s time to take OwnerSHIP over your life by gaining expertise from women like you who’ve been there and shattered the cycle into pieces.

Before we get further into that, allow us to introduce ourselves. Because if you want to know how we can help, you probably want to know who we are first.

We Understand Exactly How You Feel, Because We've Been There

Hello wonderful friend,

We are the women of She Has Infinite Potential (SHIP), and we originally started this journey together to help women in tech space find support and encouragement so that they could stay innovating, instead of getting burned out by a lack of understanding and support and saying goodbye to using their STEM skills forever.

Before we created a collective goal and started working together, a lot of us felt alone in our professional journeys. It seemed difficult to meet other professional women who would cheer us on or give us advice based on actual experience.

As we prepared for our first event, we learned how powerful our support for each other could be, and we knew we were onto something special.

We were successfully able to put on not one, but two helpful panels at the Women in Tech Global conference in 2023 as our first official act of SHIP, and we knew that we wanted to help other women even more.

The dynamic force for good we felt we were creating together was unlike anything any of us had experienced before. That’s when we shifted SHIP’s mission from being a speaking panel to creating entire summits and workshops to change the professional culture for women all over the world.

Now, we help professional women, and men in underrecognized groups, understand how to navigate the waters of the business world, knowing that they have the resources that SHIP provides to help them clearly communicate their professional needs without alienating their higher ups or clients.

At SHIP, we know that professional women, and men in underrecognized groups, are facing obstacles unique to their professional environments that can create difficulties when it comes to mentorship, sponsorship, allyship, and support.

That’s why our group is full of experts who know how to help both individuals and organizations work through these hurdles based on the results of cutting-edge research. It is our honor to help those attending our events or workshops understand what tools they have that will assist them in gaining and keeping momentum moving forward.

Whether you want to create better paths for mentorship and sponsorship for yourself or establish clearer boundaries with your higher ups or clients, we can help you equip yourself to avoid burnout and gain all of the creative and relational benefits that come from being your amazing professional self.

We also make sure to champion diversity by modeling it in our group, and have experts on engineering, data-driven branding, financial literacy and planning, public speaking and communication, offer creation and marketing, career development, mentorship and sponsorship, and leadership strategy.

The one goal we try to hold above all else is to be authentic. The strategies we share are based on our own research and lived personal stories, because we know that unproven theories are only making your life feel more complicated: We want to see you be professionally liberated.

And that’s what this OwnerSHIP summit is all about—you finding more freedom in your everyday life, especially when it comes to your career.

Are You Ready for an Experience-Based Approach to OwnerSHIP That Could Change Everything for You at Work and at Home?

It’s Time to Take OwnerSHIP Over the 5 Most Important Aspects of Your Life

At SHIP’s 1-Day Savvy OwnerSHIP Summit, you’ll learn how to take ownership of the most important areas of

your life as we travel through the 5 ports of owning life.

Port #1 Owning Your Voice & Reputation

In this workshop taught by Kirsten Rourke and Kristin Spencer, our resident communication and marketing experts, you’ll learn how to use your voice with power and focus to communicate well in group settings while we also teach you how to establish your reputation by choosing the words you use based on your authentic self. (Value $497)

Port #2 Owning Your Failures & Mistakes

At our next stop, Malia Lym and Dr. Farzana Chohan, experts from the engineering and architecture world, will help you discover the secret to leveraging your failure and learning from your mistakes. Plus, you’ll learn how to communicate with your higher ups when mistakes happen and how you can create opportunities from these specific types of interactions. (Value $497)

Port #3 Owning Your Financial Decisions

Then, in the third port, our resident financial expert, Kristine Beese will show you how to Uncover what you, as a woman, need to know about money through captivating stories of women just like you. Plus, get practical tips that show you what you can do differently to align your day-to-day spending with your long-term goals, all so you can take ownership to make the best financial decisions for yourself. (Value $497)

Port #4 Owning Your Time

During this workshop, N. Chloé Nwangwu, our brand scientist, will help you realize how to approach your professional time by understanding the science behind the way the professional world works. (Value $497)

Port #5 Owning Your Career

And during our final stop of the summit, Stephani Britt and Anne Ryan, who know how to build better leadership and satisfying careers, will share how you can unlock the secret to taking ownership over your career. And all by having realistic expectations and being honest about what you really want, and the best way you can contribute to your team, clients, and your own life. (Value $497)

This Summit Has a Total Value of $2,485

But You'll Only Pay a Fraction of that at $147!

And If You're One of the First 25 People to Sign Up, You'll Get All of This Value For Just $97!

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We've got you covered with VIP passes!

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Only 25 Early Bird VIP Passes Are Available!

Grab this, Valued at $9,985, for Just $197

Savvy OwnerSHIP Summit (SOS) + VIP Pass | Gain access to the digital VIP lounge before the event at 11:30 am October 7th for Q & A with a few of the SHIPmates, the 5 live workshops, and the digital VIP Brunch on Sunday, October 8th at 11:30 am (EST). Plus, you’ll receive recordings of all the workshops (to be delivered within 72 hours of the event ending).

A Value of $9,985 for Just $247

Discover the Truth About Owning Your Actions & Attitudes

When It Comes to Your Area of Expertise

Who Will Benefit Most From the Savvy OwnerSHIP Summit?

Find Out Now!

Who Is This Summit For?

  • Professionals who understand that the first step toward taking ownership in their life is to start with self-forgiveness and self-awareness
  • Anyone who wants a better foundation for support backed by experience and compassion
  • People willing to confront the truth of their situation to better understand what changes they can make to live the life they want
  • Those who are excited to do the work to be more self-aware and just need some additional encouragement and guidance

Who Isn't This Summit For?

  • Those who are not interested in becoming more self-aware
  • Anyone who thinks that taking ownership is easy and that there is some quick fix or magic wand that will help them do it
  • People who don’t value learning from the experiences of others and want to go through everything on their own

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